Your rights as an NHS patient

  • To be informed about all aspects of your condition and the proposed care, including the available alternatives.
  • To be treated with courtesy at all times, be recognised as an individual, and have your religious and cultural background respected.
  • To have your care supervised by a named, qualified nurse.
  • To be encouraged to have the support of a friend or relative at any time.
  • To comment on the treatment and care given to you.
  • To have any complaint investigated thoroughly, speedily and impartially - and be informed of the results of this investigation.
  • If you feel upset or angry about any aspect of your care - let the Unit staff know.
  • If you tell them what is happening while it's happening, they can try to put it right at the time. Your well being is their first concern, and if they know there is a problem they will often be able to resolve it.
  • If you feel that you would like some support with expressing your concerns, ask whether the Unit, Hospital or Trust has a Patient's Advocate (someone who knows the system and is available to support you or speak to the nurses and doctors on your behalf).

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