Can you have a say in research?

The NHS is working towards involving people more actively in the process of deciding priorities for its research.

If you would like to know how you could get involved, or find out more contact NIHR Involve – this is part of the National Institute for Healthcare Research and aims to explain more about involving patients in research.

NIHR Involve can be found on and at:

University of Southampton
Science Park
SO16 7NS

Telephone: 023 8059 5628

Other useful contacts:

Kidney Research UK - KRUK is a research charity supporting high quality research in the UK. They can be found at and also at or 0300 303 1100

CERES have produced a leaflet called "Medical Research and YOU" which lists the questions people may want to ask before they make an informed choice about becoming involved as a "subject" of research. Single copies of the leaflet are free.

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