The treatment of kidney failure

More about renal research?

You may wish to find out what renal research has been done or is currently underway. You could ask your renal unit staff for advice, or contact the organisations listed below.
These organisations will be able to help
  • National Kidney Federation
    6 Stanley Street
    S81 7HX
    Tel: 01909 487795

  • National Kidney Research Fund
    King's Chambers
    PE1 1FG
    Tel: 01733 704650

  • KRUF
    Funding Body for Research into Renal Diseases
    14 Park Grove
    CF1 3BN
    Tel: 01222 388353

  • BKPA
    British Kidney Patient Association
    GU35 9JZ
    Tel: 01420 472021

Your local library may be able to help - if you are interested in a specific subject, ask them to do a literature search.

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