Taking its toll

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Taking its toll

Post by JMan »

Seems dialysis is starting to take its toll more and more.
After dialysis anxiety and indecision kick in, especially if I have to go anywhere after treatment, which I avoid most days. And even more of a problem if I'm on my own.
A session day without a 2 hour kip means a few days to recover.
Next day I can function, depending on stuff!
Latest consultant has written a bullshit report that reflects non of this stuff as I told him!

Anyway how's everyone else.

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Re: Taking its toll

Post by Rik »

really sorry to read your post..
it's easy to forget that as we all plod along we get into a rut..
and these last few years we have been forced into a rut not of our own choice or making..
I've found I go out less and not do the things I used to..
it's hard to get up and out of that rut if we are still wary of contact with others..
hope you and Lynn get back into a more normal routine.. or at least a new normal..
and that you feel things are getting better..
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Re: Taking its toll

Post by wagolynn »

Hi JMan,
I think RiK has hit the nail on the head in his post above.

We all know there tends to be drift towards depression, and all we can do is lookout for it.
Muscle and joint pains is very common - the only think with that is keep moving as much as you can but don't hurt yourself.

On the depression - I have picked something I wanted to learn, and try to work on it just a little each day, I write computer programs - usually something that is said to be impossible to program, at present it is a programme to cast school time tables?

I get the same thing from my consultant - just because I keep my bloods within the limits there cannot be any thing wrong but she forgets the limits are for the average person but none of us are that average person - I am 81 and 6' 3" tall.

Best wishes
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Re: Taking its toll

Post by Skm »

Jman, sorry to hear you are struggling.It’s been a tough year, many of life’s little enjoyments being denied, not helped now by those around us “getting back to normal” (what ever that is) while we are told to carry on social distancing.Anxiety is so disabling. I hope you manage to get some help.

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