Rubbish veins

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Rubbish veins

Post by Tootygirl »

Hi, I’m new to this forum but definitely not to kidney problems! At the age of 18 I was rushed to hospital (way back in 1987!) and it was discovered that I had only one kidney and due to an abnormal junction I had to have an open pyeleoplasty. After that I had problems on and off and had 3 pregnancies throughout the years and during these my kidney problems tended to worsen but I managed to have a relatively normal family life until about 7 years ago when my kidney function worsened and I had to have a stent fitted as I constantly had pyelonephritis and the first of 2 times Sepsis. Unfortunately the stents didn’t suit and a second open pyeleoplasty was performed.Again it helped for a bit but despite a daily dose of antibiotics I was still in and out of hospital with pyelonephritis and for the last 3 years I’ve been under a fantastic consultant at UCLH but I was told by my local hospital that due to scan results etc I would need a 3 pyeleoplasty,however after speaking to 2 consultants I am being urged to wait as neither are willing to do it due to the fact that I may come out with more problems or even lose my kidney altogether. My problem isn’t actually caused by my kidney function but over the last few years my veins have got to the point where every blood test it takes at least 6/7 tries to get blood and normally the tiny bit they get ends up coming from my feet or ankles and once in AE they had no cubicles available and they put a sheet on the floor and went into an artery in my groin which was hardly worth it as they still got very little and I was incredibly upset due to the pain and upset. I have had to have a couple of central lines for ops and also a few pic lines. These things are generally only for short periods and in between times I have to go through the same thing again and have needles in my feet etc and I am dreading blood tests etc or being an inpatient and needing cannulas for meds,fluid etc. Has anyone else these problems ,or does anyone know of any other way that I can suggest to my docs to try before I get so upset that I don’t want any blood tests etc. I’m so sorry that this reads like a very long boring book I think having somewhere to’vent’ for the first time is what’s made me ramble on!
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Re: Rubbish veins

Post by JMan »

It seems like you need a sit down with whoever is your senior consultant/team to have a 'plan of action' to try and find some solutions. There's usually a way..
This may be tough during covid when appointments are rare as hens teeth, but wish you well.
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Re: Rubbish veins

Post by wagolynn »

Hi Tootygirl,
This may help you, and I see there are other sites as well. ... cult-veins

Drinking plenty of water should work, in fact drinking 2 litres minimum per day should help your problems, that is unless your consultants have told you not to.

Best wishes
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Re: Rubbish veins

Post by Virgilbradley@65 »

I am new to this site.
Had Bladder cancer and 3 organs removed (r.kidney/bladder/prostate)
in order to be cancer free.
So now I am constantly having UTIs
and average going into the hospital every 3 months or so. Comes with the territory. Anyway got diagnosed with CKD STAGE 4 and I go through a lot of blood test and my veins are shot.
One good way is to use a heating pad
for a few minutes before blood is drawn.
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