Creatnine level down from high of 10 to 2.8 in a month. Plea

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Creatnine level down from high of 10 to 2.8 in a month. Plea

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Happy to be here. I don't know where to post my query?
Nevertheless here goes.
My dad underwent TURP for prostrate cancer in july 2016. Thereafter he had infection in the bladder region from kidney . Constantly had some antibiotics or others. His creatnine was about 1.3 in august . Maybe 1.5 in october. He was undergoing radiation in december when his creatnine went upto 10 or 12. Underwent dialysis and then one short dialysis. Creatnine started coming down. Mid January 2017 it was around 5. Then it came down to 4.5. Then first week feb to 4. Meanwhile the antibiotic treatment was restarted 7 days back to arrest the urinary tract infection. Hydroneprosis is what they are talking about. But they are ruling out stent as swelling had come down. Meanwhile the creatnine kept coming down to 3.5. Suddenly he had hypoglacemia ie low sugar. He always had diabetes and BP but manageable. 5 days bacl we had to admit him because of sugar level dropping. Meanwhile in last 4 days creatnine came down to 2.89. Now the treatment is on for infection as well as low sugar. The docs do say that creatinine is coming down but kidney is compromised. First they said the base will be 4.5 then when it came down they said it will be 3.5 to 4. Now they are saying it would around 3. Frankly i am confused and angry. Meanwhile his prostrate cancer is under control with psa at around .03. He had his testes removed and had an hormonal shot. Please advise. Thanks Tripsamit . India
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