Tacrolimus - once or twice a day

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Tacrolimus - once or twice a day

Post by morzov »

HAS anyone on here been switched from twice daily dose of Tacrolimus (Prograf)to the once daily prolonged release dose (Advagraf).In fact given that my own unit has never mentioned it I wondered if many people had heard of it.

I've read a few articles recently suggesting that, at least in stable kidney transplant patients, then Advagraf gives improved renal function and Cardivascular risk factors.

On that basis and given that its much easier to take tacrolimus once a day I would have though all units would be using it. Mine isn;t for some reason -wondered what other peoples experience was?
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Re: Tacrolimus - once or twice a day

Post by Thumps »

morzov wrote:On that basis and given that its much easier to take tacrolimus once a day I would have though all units would be using it.
Like most of us, I take lots of drugs and there's morning and night doses of several, so having only one Tac per day rather than two wouldn't really make any difference to me... I'm quite happy and stable on the Prograf so even if they offered it to me I'd be wary.

I think there are some people at my unit using Advagraf, but as Keith points out newer and bigger doesn't necessarily mean better, nor does one size fit all :) Always in favour of there being more options and buildup of data on new treatments, though!
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Re: Tacrolimus - once or twice a day

Post by Rik »

Hi there ...
I've been on advograf for a few years now ...
I specifically asked for the change ... I take as few tablets as I can as it is and it was only Tac I took in the evenings ...
the number of times I completely forgot to take the evening time tac far out weighed the number if times I remembered :roll:
I havent had any change of levels that arent within my range of normal ... so I'm very happy with the change ...

I couldnt agree more with Keith ... one size doesnt fit all ... taking atenolol had me falling face first into the ample chest of a doctor after I fainted during a hospital visit ... :oops: .. enalapril suits me far better ...
but taking advograf for me has been a real bonus ...
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Re: Tacrolimus - once or twice a day

Post by bigbuzzard »

It was suggested to me that the main reason for Advagraf being launched by the manufacturers because the patent period on their Prograf was coming to an end, so they were looking for a way to extend their profits, as generic Tacro started being produced more cheaply.

It would seem that having the two products on the market has had exactly the effect they wanted, but possibly (I reckon) as an unintended consequence. As has been reported on here before, there have been several incidences of Advagraf and Prograf being confused by pharmacists where 'tacrolimus' had been prescribed. This happened to my mum, who only noticed after a month of taking the wrong one.

So now, GPs have been issued with guidance to prescribe Tacrolimus by brand name, so, I guess, 'Prograf' in most cases, where it's something that people have been on for a while. Mine phoned me up to make sure I was aware of the two different drugs. So, the Prograf makers are still selling plenty of their pills.
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Re: Tacrolimus - once or twice a day

Post by Zennor »

I now know why I got call from my GP a few weeks ago at 10pm on a Sunday evening quizzing me about my knowledge of generics and brand names. I think I passed the test.
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