Big question

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Big question

Post by Horus »

Hey guys, I'm a 33 year old male in Canada. I dont have diabetes or blood pressure issues, I have a clean diet and I lift weights and do cardio. I'm on a low dose of levothyroxine for low thyroid hormone, but other than that I'm perfectly healthy. I'm 6 feet 195 pounds.

I had some bloodwork done in November and everything was all good. I had the same work done last week just as a routine checkup. My creatinine came back at 156 and my eGFR at 50. I was well hydrated for the test.

Is there any explanation for these numbers other than kidney problems? I wont hear back from my doctor until some time next week, so I've been very worried since I received the results.

Thank you for any info.
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Re: Big question

Post by wagolynn »

Hi Horus,
eGFR is notorious for being inaccurate, Creatinine, to some extent, is dependant on how much exercise you had a a day or so ago.
The numbers don't look bad, and worry is not going to solve anything.

Best wishes.
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