Increasing Kidney function help needed please

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Increasing Kidney function help needed please

Post by chrisf1961 »

Hi, New user here looking for some advice / help

I have had CKD for a few years now, when I was first diagnosed in 2016 (I had already been living with CKD but had no diagnosis) my function was around 35, after the initial shock of the diagnosis I looked into alternative and natural therapies for increasing my kidney function and through this increased to 44. This was through diet and various vitamins, bicarbonate of soda, apple cider vinegar etc. I have fallen off the bandwagon as it were and have not monitored for around 3 years, I became unwell and was admitted to hospital 3 weeks ago with fluid retention around abdomen area and fluid on lungs, my kidney function was checked and at 11 / 12 after talking to the consultant I was advised that I should be starting dialysis in approx. 4 - 6 months and have my first low clearance clinic appointment (over the phone obviously at the moment) tomorrow. I mentioned the diet/natural remedies to the consultant who advised I should not do anything like this as it wouldn't help - I was wondering if anyone else had been in the same situation or around the same level who has in fact increased their function to prolong the length of time before I need to start dialysis, or is the only option left now dialysis.

Thank you for any help / advice / info you can provide.
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Re: Increasing Kidney function help needed please

Post by wagolynn »

Hi chrisf1961,
Very few if any of these diets actually help, and from the consultants point of view they cloud the issue.

The best diet is the 5-a-day, that is a good healthy balanced diet, with a reduced salt intake, to maintain your general health ready for a transplant, and to get your blood pressure down.

When you are on dialysis you probably will be asked to reduce your intake of Phosphate and Potassium as dialysis is not very good at removing any excess, and your kidneys will stop regulating them. (most of our usual foods have an excess of both, and our {healthy} kidneys regulate the amount retained)
But do not make changes to reduce them until you are asked to do so, in fact any changes to diet should be discussed with your consultant so they have a clear picture of what is going on.
If you are asked to make these changes a good book is "Eating well with Kidney Failure, by Gavin James, Helena Jackson" about £20 paper back but you can find good used copies for around £5.

Of course, contributors to this forum will all have some practical tips.

Best wishes.
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