3D printing of living tissue/organs

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3D printing of living tissue/organs

Post by DeanH »

Hopefully another small step forward that will eventually lead to further advances in being able to create organs and parts for transplantation.

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Re: 3D printing of living tissue/organs

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I saw on TV a while ago an interview with a surgeon and a father, explaining how they had made a 3D copy of his kidney to see if it could be transplanted into his tiny baby. The copy of his kidney was soft and they placed it into a 3D copy of her diaphragm which was hard alongside copies of her liver bowel etc which were soft thus finding out if the transplant op would work before actually carrying g it out. Amazing.
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Re: 3D printing of living tissue/organs

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Now 35 with Alports and I had my first kidney-versary 18th feb 2013....I hope to have many more.

My living donor and his family are doing all well.

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Re: 3D printing of living tissue/organs

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