Carers, family and friends

The Carers National Association

The Carers National Association (CNA) works with and on behalf of all carers. A registered charity, it is run entirely by carers and former carers.

Its aims are:
  • To encourage carers to recognise their own needs

  • To develop appropriate support for carers

  • To provide information and advice to carers

  • To bring the needs of carers to the attention of government and other policy makers

Its members support one other through a UK-wide network of branches and carers' support groups, where experience, ideas and information can be shared.

To find out more about the CNA in your area, contact:
  • The Carers National Association
    20-25 Glasshouse Yard,
    EC1A 4JT
    Telephone: 020 7490 8818
    Fax: 020 7490 8824

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